The Facilitators Inner Circle provides resources for people who are serious about better engaging teams, communities and stakeholders to make shared decisions.

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How many times have you been asked to run a meeting or project planning session and started to secretly panic on the inside.

There is a stress-free way to run meetings and team workshops

It's called the Facilitators Inner Circle... and our actionable resources and support will make you a facilitation superstar!

The Facilitators Inner Circle isn't just for full time process facilitators. 

Our resources are designed to help anyone working with groups within an organisation, community or industry.

We believe in simple to follow templates and guides to prepare you for dynamic group situations.

Turn your meetings and workshops into raging successes

Take a look at the great facilitation resources in our shop.

We’ve got a range of newsletter packs, books and memberships to help you build your facilitation skills and master new facilitation techniques. 

View the shop here.

Get to know us on Facilitation TV

Our hosts draw on their 60 years of combined experience to address your facilitation challenges.

Click below to watch an episode of Facilitation TV.

More episodes available here

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